Sunday, 7 November 2010

[Quisquiliae] Supplementare: a ghost story

I've just started a job-related blog, Quisquiliae, whose remit will not always be separable from that of this blog.  As and when there is an overlap, I'll add a cross-reference (with appropriate tags) here.

The first such import involves a quotation from Michael Scot's translation of Aristotle's De generatione animalium (a1220) in John Pecham's Quaestiones de anima (1270s).  You can read the post here.


Edward Ockham said...

Welcome back, Brunellus. It's been some time ...

Brunellus said...

Thanks – yes, it has been a while since my post about (ahem) scholarly inertia.  My new job throws up all sorts of interesting things, as did my thesis, but it's hard to find the time to write them up properly, so I suspect posting will continue to be sporadic.

Edward Ockham said...

I commented on your other blog, but the comments box is messed up. I wrote

"Aha I think I recognise this. I have a 'medieval word list' which is very good and which was developed from 'The Medieval Latin Word List from British and Irish Sources' edited by the Rev. Professor J.H. Baxter and Mr. Charles Johnson under the direction of a committee appointed by the British Academy, published in 1934 etc etc.

I always has this wonderful vision of continuity with this project. Britain could come off the Gold Standard, Hitler invade Austria, world war break out, Teddy boys are invented, Cold war gets colder, Jimi Hendrix burns a guitar, Berlin wall falls down, I get married and have children, credit crunch ... and this project is still going on. That's wonderful. You have my full support, sir."

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